UFC Bodyweight Workouts

It’s always a pleasure to have the ability to train UFC fighters and while I was in Thailand I had the chance to train a few.
One fighter who was extremely receptive to my workouts was UFC Lightweight Nick Hein from Germany.

When a fighter is eager to learn, motivated to improving his/her strength and conditioning and ready to give 100 percent during each session, you can’t ask for anything more than that.

That’s the mindset you need to take when training, whether during technique class or in your conditioning. It needs to be full effort with the intention of making yourself at least 1% better then you were before you started.

It all adds up!

Today I have the bodyweight workout that I took Nick through while I was at Tiger Muay Thai where he is training again for his next fight.

The goal for Nick this time around is to keep his walk around weight down seeing that the UFC has taken the away the use of IV’s for fighters to help rehydrate after weigh ins.

This is forcing many fighters to either fight at a heavier weight class or start to walk around closer to their fight weight.
So we are implementing more metabolic bodyweight circuits that target cardio, endurance, explosiveness, power, core strength, agility, mobility and speed, while also cleaning up the nutrition.
If all goes to plan, Nick will be able to cut weight and rehydrate much easier while staying strong, powerful and possessing everlasting cardio
UFC Nick Hien Bodyweight Workout

UFC workout using bodyweight only. Great MMA bodyweight workout I did with UFC lightweight Nick Hein at Tiger Muay Thai. This MMA Bodyweight workout is high intensity circuit that helps to improve cardio, explosiveness, endurance, core strength, agility and fat burning.

Perform as many reps as possible of each exercise for 45 seconds of work followed by 15 seconds rest one after the other. Complete all 8 exercises and rest for 90 seconds and repeat for 3-5 full rounds.
1. Side-to-Side Jumping Burpees
2. Abs V-Ups
3. Explosive Lunges
4. MMA Plyo Push Ups
5. Kickouts/Sit Through
6. Terminators
7. Alternating Side Planks
8. Combo Sprawls

Bodyweight Circuit for Fighters (Tiger Muay Thai)

Highlight of the Fighter Combat Conditioning seminar run by Funk Roberts at Tiger Muay Thai, MMA and Fitness Academy in Thailand. Funk ran some of the worlds top combat athletes through a metabolic bodyweight workout. Fighters including men and women that currently fight for Bellator, OneFC, WSOF, Glory Kickboxing, Kunlun Fight, Desert Force, RoadFC, along with multiple world muay thai champions.