Two Barbell Complexes To Increase Strength, Cardio and Burn Fat (2 Videos)

Why Use Barbell Complexes

These workouts are my Barbell “777” Complex and consists of 7 exercises that you perform 7 reps each for 7 sets. You rest 2-3 minutes in between sets. You can actually use a lighter weight and try to get through all 7 sets without stopping but that’s KILLER BEAST MODE!

Use complexes like this in your regular training. If you are a combat athlete, use this as one of your a strength and conditioning workouts throughout the week or a finisher after your training session.

Barbell Complexes like the 777 will increase your cardio and conditioning because of the fast pace, while burning fat fast. A workout like this will help you to build up lean muscle mass.

Regular cardio workouts release Cortisol, which is a stress hormone notorious for storing body fat. The Barbell “777” Complex release anabolic hormones which outweigh the negative effects of Cortisol.

For MMA and Combat Fighters, the constant weight load on the bar, forces you to train and build muscular and strength endurance. This is also a form of Metabolic Training or HIIT, which will build work capacity and allow you to recover faster during you regular training session. Along with increase cardio you are also building the important grip strength needed for grappling opponents.

All in all, you cannot go wrong adding these Barbell complexes to your overall training once in a while to help build up lean muscle while destroying body fat.

If you are looking for a challenging workout that will help you to increase strength, muscular endurance, cardio and burn fat, then look no further than these barbell complexes I put together while training at Tiger Muay Thai and MMA Academy in Thailand.

In fact I had a few of the fighters and other people that were strictly for fat loss and fitness, use these as their workouts for the day and they loved them.

A barbell complex is set of exercises performed one after the other, using a single barbell and the same weight.

The goal is not to take your hands off the barbell while you transition from exercises to exercise. Usually a complex is composed of 4-7 barbell movements that flow easily.

Check these out.

I recommend beginners start off using just the bar at first to get the movements and then perhaps 40-60 pounds.

Intermediate lifters can kick it up to use 65-85 pounds, and advanced use 90-135 pounds.

You do not need to use heavy weight. Believe me you will burn fat.

Barbell “777” Complex

7 Exercise Barbell Complex

Perform each exercise for 7 reps one after the other with no rest.
After you are finish, rest for 2 minutes and repeat for 7 rounds.

Funk uses 10kg per side with 45lbs Olympic Bar – Total = 89lbs

1. Barbell Speed Deadlift
2. Stiff Legged Lifts
3. Barbell Jump Squats
4. Alternating Forward Lunge
5. Military Push Press and Triceps Extensions
6. Barbell Sprawl and Power Curls
7. Barbell Roll Outs

Barbell “777” Complex FOR MMA (The Remix)

Perform each exercise for 7 reps one after the other with no rest.
After you are finish, rest for 2 minutes and repeat for 7 rounds.

1. Sumo Speed Deadlifts
2. Bent Over Rows
3. Barbell Thrusters
4. Alternating Step Back Lunge (Reverse Lunges)
5. Close Grip Bench Press
6. Explosive Curls
7. Barbell Roll Outs