Leg Workout and The Importance of Leg Training for Martial Arts Athletes (Video)

As much as I love my interval circuits, plyometrics, sprints and explosive plyometrics for conditioning, for the MMA and Martial Arts fighter, pure strength workouts need to be an essential part of your overall training in order to help you be a well-rounded athlete.

When it comes to leg training, if you are like most people you are not training them on a regular basis, let alone for strength.

If you lack strength and power in your lower body then you are going to be missing a very important piece of the puzzle.
The legs and hips are the true source of power in nearly every sport.

The stronger your legs are the more power and explosion you will have in your kicks, takedowns, and various other aspects of your game.

A solid leg workout program is a must for all MMA and Martial Arts Fighters.

3 Reasons Every MMA and Combat Fighters Needs Strong Quad

1. Powerful Kicks – To deliver strong and explosive kicks you will need to have strong legs. Technique is definitely important when throwing kicks but if you want to deliver with knockout power, then you need to build leg strength

2. Takedowns and Takedown Defense – Leg strength and power is needed to execute explosive takedowns during fights and defending takedowns from a relentless opponent.

3. Patellar Tendinitis – Patellar tendonitis is most common in a lot of fighters because of the running during training and jumping in fights. The quads take the brunt of the force, if your quads are weak and you are jumping around or running. When you start to feel pain in the knees – potentially a Patellar Tendon Tear (Patellar tendonitis), this may be the cause.

While it is more common in runners, it is sometimes referred to as “jumper’s knee.” – Orthoinfo http://orthoinfo.aaos.org/topic.cfm?topic=a00512

I am going to be using three of the top leg exercises every combat athlete should include in their overall strength training.

3 Leg Exercises in the 7X7 Quad Workout

Barbell Squats – Squats are great for strength building because of the weight loaded on the entire body. An MMA training and conditioning program should include deep squats using a barbell, added resistance and bodyweight.
One reason being is deep squats simulating changing levels, for example when setting up to attack your opponent for an explosive takedown.

Barbell Lunge – Lunge is a common movement for all MMA fighters, lunging for takes downs, lunging in and out while striking, static lunge positions especially while getting up using the fence…wall walk.
Lunge exercises show not only how strong you are but the muscular balance between your knee muscles (quads, hamstrings) vs. your hip muscles (glutes, hip flexors)

Bulgarian Split Squats – This exercise targets the quads, glutes and soleus muscles and will help to build strength and stability in both legs. It will improve lower-body balance and stability will help you maintain control of your body during kicking and other movements while training.

7X7 Quad Workout for MMA and Combat Fighters

Perform this workout at the end of the week.
Your quads are going to be tight and if you have to train, that will play havoc on your knees (patellar tendonitis)
1. Back Squats – 7 sets of 7 reps 3 min rest in between
2. Alternating Barbell Lunge – 3 sets of 10-12 reps rest 60 sec
3. Bulgarian Split Squat 2 sets of 21’s rest 60 sec (21’s 7 reps below parallel (stretch position) 7 reps full reps. 7 reps above parallel (contracted position)

Fighters: you’re going to want to do this workout after all of your technique training.
Fitness enthusiasts: you’re going to want to do these exercises on the day before a rest day after any heavy lifting…don’t say I didn’t warn you.