Kettlebell Strength Workout (Video)-MxT Method:

The MxT Method:
Maximum Tension For Maximum Strength
Chris Lopez, StrongFirst Girya Level 2 (SFG2)
Certified Turbulence Trainer
Author, The TT Kettlebell Evolution

As much as I’d like to say that Maximum Tension (MxT) is a cutting edge new technique, I’d be lying. It’s a technique that has been around for centuries and one that has been mastered by martial artists, strongmen, powerlifters and combat athletes for generations.

It boggles my mind, now that I am starting to grasp how important this trick is, that using MxT for gaining strength and fat loss isn’t more prevalent in the fitness industry.

Maybe it’s because it’s hard to teach (it isn’t really).

In truth, mastering MxT is all about YOU. It’s about your dedication to practice and to understanding what needs to be done to get stronger and incidentally, lose ridiculous amounts of fat in the process.

Strength is a SKILL.

Using maximum tension requires you to generate nerve force by tensing all muscles in your body to move the desired load.

You have to consciously remember to contract all of your muscles when performing your grinds and lifts until it gets engrained in your nervous system as a habit.

And so when you will practice using MxT in your training – from your get-ups to your presses to your hardstyle planks to alternating waves of tension and relaxation when you’re doing your swings.

Below is a kettlebell strength workout for combat fighters using the MxT method. It is sneak peek at our new program Kettlebell for Fighters. It’s the first part of a two-part training day.

Check it out, try it and stay tuned for more Kettlebell training that will take your strength and conditioning to the ultimate level.

Kettlebell Strength Workout

DENSITY Double KB Front Squat x 3 reps superset with KB Military Press x 2 reps x 15 minutes

PROTOCOL – Set a timer for 15 minutes. Start the timer and perform 3 Double KB Front Squats. Rest if necessary by putting the kettlebells down. Re-Clean the kettlebells and perform a Double Kettlebell Press for 2 reps. Set the kettlebells down and rest if necessary.

Rest only if necessary and repeat the above protocol.

Perform as many reps as possible within your 15-minute period.